We have a huge range of boat trailers to suit all your boating needs. From handheld trailers, and small boat transportation to 26ft boat trailers and Canoe/Kayak transporters, we have the Central Coast covered!

Our boat trailers will make your seafaring experience more enjoyable by making the to and from journey much easier. All our boat trailers are the strongest lightest trailers in their class. They are easy to tow, and adhere to the highest level of safety regulations.

These boat trailers are fully galvanized and include demountable mudguards, sealed bearings, sealed lightings, amber marker lights along sides,  demountable rear lighting panel, breaking mechanism within the hitch itself & rubber torsion suspensions.

Variant is the manufacturer of all our boat trailers and are known for high quality and durability in all their trailers. These will last the test of time against the harshest of conditions, even with frequent daily use in salt water, on rough terrain and exposed to Australian sun.

Drop past our Erina display today to check out our in-stock trailers, or call us for more information.