Boat Trailer Model 1500 (up to 22 ft)


Fully hot dipped galvanised steel hand trailer for a boat up to 22 feet, and weight up to 1,125kg. Light tare weight of 375kg for easy hand maneuvering yourself. Single axle without brakes. 14 inch wheels. 42 keel rollers. 8 adjustable side rollers. CANNOT BE REGISTERED. For use on private property.

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Product Code

Model 1500


Boat Trailers, Hauling Series

Total Dimensions (LxWxH)

640x200x140 cm

Tare Weight

375 kg

Total Weight (ATM)

1,500 kg

Payload Capacity

1,125 kg


14", 5 Studs, 2 Wheels


1 Axle, Without Brakes

Keel Rollers

4 Rollers

Adjustable Side Rollers

8 Rollers

Max Boat Size

22 Feet

Other Included Features

Adjustable Bow Support, Adjustable Keel & Side Rollers, Hauling Winch With Ribbon, Welded Chassis

Optional Extras

Clamping Strips, Jockey Wheel, Securing Bracket, Tow Bar

Rough Size In Feet

boat up to 22ft


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